NRW Jusos international

Hello! We are glad you found your way to our page.

We are the NRW Jusos and we fight for the SPD to win the state election in North Rhine-Westphalia on May 15th. We are an association of many young people, who fight for the interests of our generation on state- and community-level.

We stand for social justice, respect and freedom. We fight against racism, antisemitism and Nazis. We speak out for diversity in sexual orientations and gender identities and for everyone, who lives in this state, to have the same rights.

We would like to convince you to vote for the SPD in the state elections on May 15th. The people in NRW deserve a better government.

The fight against the pandemic was insufficient, especially in daycares and schools. Young people and families were continually left alone, the school system was chaotic in the past two years and parents were informed last-minute again and again.

We are dissatisfied with the education system in general. We want to make good education possible for everyone. Where you are from, what you look like and how much money your parents have should not be of any importance. Everyone in North Rhine-Westphalia must have a chance to obtain the degree they want. Education should not cost any money and daycares have to be free. Everywhere.

If you want NRW to become more socially equitable, the SPD is the right choice for you on May 15th. You can vote early too, starting in April: via postal vote or direct election.

Because future looks differently with us.

Because education looks differently with us

NRW provides the best education – for all young people, not just a few.

Education was cancelled way too often in the past two years. This has to end!

Education is a fundamental right, but depends far too much on your place of residence or your family.

We will change that. We want to make bigger investments in education, in order to make the best possible education free of charge, from daycare to vocational school or university. With this money, we renovate the buildigs, digitize education and employ enough and well-paid staff.

We remove the obstacles on the way to good education, so that everyone can shape their own future.

Because apprenticeship looks differently with us

NRW guarantees a vocational training opportunity and gets vocational schools ready for the future.

We create a guarantee for vocational training opportunities, so that no young person in NRW leaves school without a professional perspective.

We will make vocational training attractive again – as attractive as university. In order to achieve that, we invest in vocational schools. We modernize the buildings, equip them to the newest technical standard and employ well-qualified teachers. This is how we train the specialists of the future and secure jobs in these ever-changing times.

Because energy transition looks differently with us

NRW boosts the energy transition and becomes home to the industries of the future.

We push the energy transition forward and make it social, digital and climate-neutral. Additionally, we kick-start the expansion of wind turbines and solar panels, as well as providing funding for new ideas.

As an industrial region we support companies in climate-neutral production und create new jobs with a guaranteed future. We invest in public transportation in order to create sustainable and affordable mobility for everyone.

NRW has been waiting long enough. Let’s get started!

This is how future looks differently:

More reasons why the SPD is the best choice in May – this is how future looks differently:

  • with more money for the best education – from daycare to university
  • with a school that provides the desired degree for every child
  • with a guaranteed vocational training opportunity and additional vocational training centers
  • with modernized and digitized vocational schools and enough well-qualified teachers
  • with a sustainable industry towards new and secure jobs
  • with the expansion and funding of wind, solar and hydrogen energy
  • with mobility for everyone: affordable public transportation
  • with more and affordable housing for everyone, including trainees and students
  • with a law on equal pay: equal pay for equal work
  • with an anti-discrimination law that fights hate and inequality
  • with universities without compulsory attendance, but with democratic participation
  • with the freedom of assembly, minimum voting age of 16 and municipal suffrage for non-EU citizens

That’s why you should vote for the SPD on May 15th.

If we convinced you, we would be delighted about your vote for the SPD. If you want to get involved, you can easily join our party here.